The oldest in a long line of ten children, Leela was born on the 14th of April, 1937. She did her schooling in Pazhayannur, her birthplace and played a major role in helping to raise her siblings. Resembling her mother, both in appearance and in character, she has a soft and loving personality and adores her family. It was in 1959, she married Moorketh Suryanarayanan, who was then employed in Singapore. She moved to Chennai thereafter to live with her in-laws, and it was there she had her two daughters, Sreedevi, born on 20th September 1960 and Vasantha, born on 4th September 1964. The family briefly moved to Kerala, where they had their son Shashi Shankar, born on 31st December 1970 and shortly after moved to London in 1971, where they settled to raise their family.


She worked and raised her children in London, retiring in 2002 at the age of 65. After the sad demise of her husband in 1998, Leela continues to live in London with her daughter Vasantha and her family. Sreedevi, the eldest daughter, is married to T.G. Chandrakumar, a successful entrepreneur, and are settled in Thrissur with their children, Praveen and Pradeep. Praveen, after completing his B.Tech, is managing the family business and is married to Sowmya, who is also an engineer by profession. They are blessed with two sons Gautham and Siddharth. Pradeep is a doctor by profession and is also a budding singer.

Vasantha, Leela's second daughter, is married to Punnudiyil Madhusudanan, who is in the catering business. They are settled in London with their children Smrithi and Vivegh. Smrithi, a talented artist by birth, is working as a graphic designer in London. She lives with her husband Benson Luice , who is working as an IT Service Desk Manager, and their son Jay Luice. Vivegh is currently working as a customer service representative for an insurance company.

Leela’s youngest and only son Shashi, an architect by profession, is married to Birgit Pirkelbauer, from Oberkappel, Austria. The couple are settled in Doha, Qatar with their sons Nicholas and Julian.