It is believed that the early generations of the family were primarily devoted to agriculture and its members were supposed to have possesed large areas of agricultural land in and around the villages of Pazhambalacode which were inherited from their ancestors. Their own family members eventually settled down in different parts of Palakkad and Thrissur districts in order to take care of their properties they had received as a result of partition.

Consequently, two brothers namely, Chami Ezhuthachan and Thachu Ezhuthachan from the Chathamkulangara family in Chulanur migrated to Kalleppadam, a remote village in Thrissur – Palakkad border, in order to take care of two segments of the agricultural lands in that area, namely ‘Kizhake Kalam’ and ‘Neelichira Kalam’.

While Chami Ezhuthachan took charge of the Kizhake Kalam in Kalleppadam, his brother Thachu Ezhuthachan took care of the Neelichira Kalam situated in its adjacent village, Neelichira. Chami Ezhuthachan had three children - two daughters and one son. They were Raman Ezhuthachan who in turn had two sons - Chami Ezhuthachan and Shankaran Ezhuthchan. After the partitioning of land and other properties between these two brothers, Chami Ezhuthachan remained in Kizhake Kalam while Shankaran Ezhuthachan established the ‘Padinjare Kalam’ nearby. Son of Shankaran Ezhuthachan, Late C.S. Sukumaran Ezhuthachan, who was the President of the Pazhayannur Panchayath for a very extensive period.

On the other hand,  Thachu Ezhuthachan in Neelichira Kalam had thirteen children and Krishnan Ezhuthchan was one of them. Krishnan Ezhuthachan was married to Chelakkara Thonoorkara Kizhakethil Parvathy Amma and they had six children – one daughter and five sons. Late Kunjunni Ezhuthachan being their fifth son.
This website is henceforth dedicated to late Kunjunni Ezhuthachan and his beloved wife late Thaliyaril Narayani Amma who were settled in Neelichira Kalam of Chathakulangara family which is known as Neelichira Tharavadu. The family has acquired remarkable growth over the years courageously and spiritedly overcoming many challenges. Its members are now settled across India and in many places around the world

Neelichira Tharavadu of Chathakulangara family is situated in Pazhayannur Panchayath, Thrissur District.  About 45 kms drive from Thrissur and 40 kms from Palakkad, Neelichira is a small village of about 50 families. It is blessed with natural beauty being surrounded by small hills and containing mostly lush green paddy fields in its landscape. Watching the sun go down here during evening times as white birds glide over the lush green fields can remind anyone of how great an artist God is. The main cultivation is paddy and rubber. One can also find coconuts and many vegetables in the village.

Kunjunni Ezhuthachan expired in February 1987 and Narayani Amma in December 2005.  Both of them were cremated in the Tharavadu premises as per their wishes.
Earlier, Kunjunni Ezhuthachan’s elder brother, Ramankutty Ezhuthachan and his family lived in the Neelichira Tharavadu while Kunjunni Ezhuthchan family lived in Pazhayannur town where Kunjunni Ezhuthchan owned and ran a textile shop in the town. Later in 1965 after the family partition, Kunjunni Ezhuthachan and his family relocated to Neelichira Tharavadu and his elder brother moved into the residence in Pazhayannur. Meanwhile their youngest brother Chami Ezhuthchan had lived in Mumbai for many years before settling down in Cochin. The Other two brothers, Ayyappan and Raghavan had passed away at relatively early ages.

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During their lifetimes Kunjunni Ezhuthachan had been happily married to Naryani Amma, daughter of Thaliyaril Narayanan Ezhuthachan and Padmavathy Amma, Kavalappara Shoranur. Narayani Amma was born and brought up in Burma (now Myanmar) where her father worked in the railways.  Besides Narayani Amma, The Thaliyaril couple had seven children - three daughters and four sons out of which one son and one daughter are alive today (as on Feb. 2010).

.Kunjunni Ezhuthachan and Naryani Amma had ten children – five sons and five daughters. They are listed below in chronoligical order depending on birth from the edldest to the youngest :

1) Leela  2) Balakrishnan  3) Padmavathy  4)  Narayanankutty  5) Soudamini
6) Gopalakrishnan  7)  Unnikrishnan  8) Thankamma  9) Raji  10) Radhakrishnan

Both Kunjunni Ezhuthachan and Naryani Amma had been and still are regarded as highly generous, compassionate and loving human beings not only by their own family but also by the people of Kallepadam and Pazhayannur.

Although Kunjunni Ezhuthachan was born in a peasant family, he was more interested in business and he established himself as a young entrepreneur in Pazhayannur.  He always gave prime importance to the education of his children and ensured that his children had at the least completed tenth standard (SSLC). One should consider the fact that in those days during 1950s and 60s, SSLC had been considered as a higher level of education. The prosperity of his children in their respective lives could be attributed to this very fact among others. Kunjunni Ezhuthachan was a kind philanthropist with utmost care and concern for the fellow human beings, suppressed and suffering who was, in nutshell, humane in all his approaches.

The fact that Kunjunni Ezhuthachan had been the first newspaper agent in the area probably made him and his family known to all those who he interacted with. As mentioned earlier he even owned a textile shop in Pazhayannur. Subsequently he had come to be known as one of the famous tailors of that area. However, he still found the time and zeal to participate in social and charity activities. Those days he actively participated in the Ambala pravesha samaram in Pazhayannur temple - this was indeed a unique effort on his part as in those days people like him were barred from even entering temples owing to caste differences.

His wife Narayani Amma over the years, kind heartedly helped many people both financially and morally whenever she was able to. She was the epitome of unselfish love. She has touched the lives of friends, kin and acquaintance with her simple and loving gestures. She had this amazing knowledge of herbal medicines… her cures were simple and rustic. Herbs…spices…goat meat… chicken - all were ingredients to her cures.  Her children and grandchildren still recollect the wonderful taste of many of her preparations in the kitchen. Though not wonderful in taste her popular ‘kashayams’ (sour tasting ayurvedic tonics prepared from herbs for overall betterment of physical and mental health) surely did wonders to her children and grandchildren regarding their health. Her culinary skill were out of the world … she could rustle up a meal in seconds.   Her zeal and enthusiasm towards life is a lesson by itself. Charity and she are like Siamese twins … inseparable.  Her constant support and motivation has helped her sons and daughters sail against the toughest tide. What goes around comes aroundGoodliness is GodlinessEverything happens for the betterwhat is meant for you will come to you… these are some of the wise things she was constantly advising us. 

For a start the early generations of the Chathamkulangara family pursued agriculture for a living. However the two elder sons of Kunjunni Ezhuthachan, namely late Balakrishnan and late Narayanankutty, played key roles in bringing a change to this inspired by their father. Also, a major contributor in this fairytale journey has been Unnikrishnan. Often an unsung hero, it is his patience, calmness, a sincere resolve and silent contributions that has largely helped in the rise of this Chathamkulangara family members to great heights. All the five brothers were instrumental in bringing the family to the forefront. The fact that they managed to do so despite the presence of many early hurdles and problems showed their resolve in character and their courage. Moreover, it portrayed their commitment to the dream of a prosperous and flourishing Chathamkulangara family. Family values can be explained if the contributions by these brothers are to be taken as an example. The present and future generations of the family shall always remain indebted to the timely and unconditional support of these five brothers .

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